Top 10 Industrial IoT Solution Companies - 2018
 Sightline Systems: Making Manufacturers Industry 4.0 Ready

Top 10 Industrial IoT Solution Companies - 2018

As the applications of industrial IoT in business and manufacturing platform is gaining rapid momentum, manufacturing companies all over the world find themselves striving to incorporate the same into their enterprise structure to leverage productivity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.
The usage of industrial IoT enhances the manufacturing and industrial processes. IIoT also leverages the power of machines embedded with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Industrial IoT is also known as the industrial internet or industry 4.0.

With the arrival of smart factories, the IIoT boom has accelerated the current wave of the Industrial revolution. Many innovative companies are implementing IIoT by utilizing intelligent, connected devices in their factories with IIoT holding the potential to unlock $6.2 trillion in potential economic impact by 2025. IIoT technology is already paving the way for next-generation manufacturing by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at far higher speeds, and far more efficiently than ever before.

With the many organizations currently progressing from making investments in digital infrastructure to investing in digital literacy, it is expected that the curve of investment in IIoT will bend towards analytical capabilities. Moreover, via sensors and real-time monitoring, IIoT technology is enabling the manufacturing industry to implement effective predictive maintenance strategies thereby avoiding more costly damage and downtime.

Enterprises have also started utilizing publicly verifiable technology such as blockchain to build secure and interoperable systems for IIoT that will support the exponential growth of connected devices for years to come. A key role in the IIoT offering is predictive maintenance.

IIoT ecosystem consists of intelligent assets that can sense, mingle, and store information about the company and its data both private and public.
IIoT allows a high level of customer satisfaction, it helps the manufacturers to capture and study the data. The analysis of data is by checking how the customers and clients use their products thereby enabling the manufacturers and product designers to mend and make certain changes, built future IoT devices, and helps to shape more customer-centric product roadmaps.

Industrial IoT is a big deal and as the days become years, it changes to massive size, the more target it has on its back. In the coming years, the world will witness a huge change in industrial IoT infrastructure and platform.

Compared to another genre of technology platforms, the IoT devices will access more data and information about the consumers and devices by 2020. On the verge of this change, a recent study by McKinsey indicated that about $1.2 to $3.7 trillion would be invested in IoT manufacturing technology by 2025. As the connected devices help the manufacturers to innovate faster and create software-enabled products that are intuitive and easy to interact with, manufacturers are looking forward to enhancing their company with powerful internet of things, solutions merged with new strategies that will provide new ideas to enhance the business Our distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, industry analysts, and Manufacturing Technology Insights editorial board have thoroughly analyzed the industry and recognized the key players. Presenting below the Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 IoT Solution Providers-2018.”

    Top Industrial IoT Solution Companies

  • Founded in 2016, Atollogy makes operational excellence easy and accessible for enterprises of all shapes and sizes alike. Atollogy’s algorithms and abilities changes the way how enterprises manage the operations by seamlessly bulding bridge between the real world and artificial intelligence. Atollogy with a team of expert combine the best in manufacturing industry experience with diverse and unique background. Headquartered in California, Atollogy ensures the manufacturing companies with its excellent specialties including smart manufacturing and digital manufacturing. Atollogy also provides the enterprises with industry 4.0, and smart operations

  • Texas-based Axzon provides the enterprises with end-to-end wireless sensing solutions that brings internet of things to business. Axzon provides thebest in industry standards and ensures a real-time business insights into productivity, performance, and environment threats along their supply chain. Axzon supports manufacturers by helping the organizations reduce the intensity of their energy use and the raw material inputs, and also improve operational effeciencies that reduce OPEx. Founded in 2006, the company is best in leading the expansion of sensing capabilities that address the needs of the business needs. Axzon solution platform includes Smart Passive Sensing products, a complete systems, data-centric , as well as other internet of things solutions both patented and patent-pending

  • Founded in 1971, EXOR International is a company that designs, develop, and manufacture solutions in HMI. EXOR ensures the clients with easy-to-use tools that express a advanced technology fully responsive to the concepts of Industry 4.0. Verona-based EXOR spreads in Italy, Germany, USA, and India. EXOR with a team of experts, makes the company enhances their value in market by providing the most responsive solutions. Being one of the best in industry, EXOR specializes in HMI, factory, home, marine, and building automation. EXOR is best for providing FPGA development, custom driven products, industrial internet of things, OPC UA, and TSN

  • Virginia-based Sightline Systems provides real-time operations intelligence solution. Sightline Systems focuses on analytics, root-cause analysis, performance management, correlation of data and predictive analysis from any source. Sightline Systems ensures their customers to optimize the performances of the IT by leveraging their existing hardware and software investment both efficiently and effectively. Sightline Systems’ best in industry parameters helps the company to deliver smple, yet powerful IT monitoring and analytics solution. This helps the consumers to identify trends, diagnose problems, and take suitable decision actions. Providing the consumers with high quality, reduce costs and improve profitability

  • Applied Dynamics International

    Applied Dynamics International

    Founded in 1957, Applied Dynamics International (ADI) offers the enterprises a better usage of simulation assets through all the stages of product development, verification testing, demonstration, training, and system support. Headquartered in Michigan, ADI is a model-based systems engineering firm that offers software, integrated systems, custom solution, and services for industry-leading projects. Applied Dynamics specialities include real-time simulation, hardware in the simulation, aircraft simulation, system verification, data analysis, data handling and gateways, distributed data services, real-time control and distributed control

  • Biztech


    Founded in 2007, BiztechConsulting Solutions is a company that provides digital IT solutions to SMEs and enterprises. Biztech provides innovative, world class and enterprise-grade IT products and services to the enterprises, which helps them to leverage technology for business growth. Biztech specializes in web development, e-commerce, CMS design solutions, mobile application, ERP and CRM, Magento, Prestashop, Magento Extension, word press, Joomla, Drupal, website design, graphic design, PSD conversion, Android Application,iOS App, Odoo, SugarCRM, and SuiteCRM. Indian-based Biztech, provides best in industry solutions that makes the company march forward into the future, continually striving to build a bridge between business and technology the best way possible



    Founded in 1995, Plex provides a complete view of manufacturing business starting from suppliers and materials to people and machines and to clients. Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables business to increase output with existing facilities like taking more profits from very order, understanding the risk factors, ensuring and responding to the customer demand, and pace with the speed and volume of data. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Plex team specializes in manufacturing, cloud Erp, SaaS, automotive, food and beverage processors, high-tech and electronics, precision and metal formers, Erp, aerospace and defense. The company with expertise background also provides process manufacturing, discrete, manufacturing, MES, manufacturing execution systems, rubber and plastics, and manufacturers

  • FogHorn Systems

    FogHorn Systems

    California-based FogHorn, is a developer of edge intelligence software platform for industrial and commercials internet of things applications. FogHorn’s software base brings the power of machine learning and analytics to the on-premise edge environment. The software provider enables a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, asset performance optimization, operational intelligence and predictive maintenance. Founded in 2014, FogHorn’s solutions are suited for OEMs, system integrators and end customer in vertical markets such as manufacturing, power and water, oil, and gas. With a team of expertise, FogHorn specializes in edge intelligence; fog computing, application platform and IIOT

  • Kx Systems

    Kx Systems

    Since the inception from 1993, Kx is one of the best in providing high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence. Kx software platform includes the time-series database kdb+ with a built-in programming language called q. Kx provides a robust suite of visualization tools built on top of the database. Kx works closely with its user groups to drive prioritize its R&D to continually deliver innovation and real-world benefits, as well as supporting client’s success with tools, solutions and services. Kx works with Kx global product teams in exploring key emerging areas like cybersecurity, operational intelligence, self-service analytics, internet of things and embedded software, machine learning and predictive analytics, data visualization and visual languages

  • PTC


    Founded in 1985, PTC unleashes industrial innovation with market-proven solutions that enables companies to differentiate the products and services. The software platform also helps the company to improve operational excellence and increase worforce productivity. PTC and its branches ensure the manufacturers to capitalize on the promise of today’s new technology top drive digital transformation. Headquartered from Boston, Massachusetts, PTC with an expertise background specializes in product development solutions, PLM-product lifecycle management, CAD, internet of things, application lifecycle management, service lifecycle management, service lifecycle management, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital transformation, IIOT, digital twin, and additive manufacturing