EXOR: An Industry 4.0 Expert

EXOR: An Industry 4.0 Expert

Ken Kamlowsky, GM, EXORKen Kamlowsky, GM
Industry 4.0 is bringing computers and automation together with smart factories, robotics, and machine learning algorithms reducing input from human operators, increasing overall production speed and efficiency. On the other hand, companies are on the lookout for Industry 4.0 solutions that can ensure interoperability, end-to-end connectivity, information transparency, decentralized decision-making, technical assistance, and more. The answer to all these requirements is EXOR International, operating globally, designing, developing, and manufacturing solutions in human-machine interface (HMI), control, and industrial IoT (IIoT).

Founded in Italy in 1971 as a custom engineering company, EXOR developed its first HMI in 1989. Since then, the company has evolved from a traditional HMI hardware designer and manufacturer to a complete IIoT solution provider. “EXOR meets the machine builder’s wish to have both the interface and the control in the same package,” says Ken Kamlowsky, the GM of EXOR. The company provides organizations with easy-to-use high-tech tools fully responsive to the concepts of Industry 4.0. As the first company worldwide to develop an industrial glass touchscreen HMI, the only company that produces HMI and Systems on Module (SOM) on a single platform, and the only company developing SOM with over 50 years experience in the industrial OT sector, EXOR today, is a force to be reckoned with.

“Outpacing other touchscreen manufacturers, EXOR brought the capacitative touchscreen technology of smartphones to the industrial market at the operator interface level,” states Kamlowsky. Besides, unlike standard HMIs, the EXOR HMI can withstand strong blows from a metal hose and even a wrench falling from three feet on its glass screen, without a scratch. And, EXOR’s IIoT solution today, includes software (JMobile), hardware (microSOM), and cloud technologies (Corvina Cloud) to enable optimal service connectivity, faster time to market, easy decision-making, and maximizing user value creation and revenue.

If a customer wants to roll connectivity today, but focus on visualization of dashboards in the cloud tomorrow, EXOR is ready to support them along the way

JMobile software offers communication across multi-vendor, multi-protocol, and multi-device environments while facilitating cloud-connectivity. Concerning hardware, EXOR caters to all current and future market needs from the SOM level up to the SCADA and Master level panels.

While Amazon, Google, IBM, Bluemix, and others provide commercial clouds, EXOR has built an industrial cloud—Corvina Cloud. Leveraging decades of experience, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology, Corvina aggregates real-time plant floor data into one user-friendly, accessible, and a secure industrial platform enabling companies to improve processes, increase productivity and make more informed decisions. Corvina Cloud 1.0 facilitates advanced connectivity management without traditional VPN issues. The solution also offer seamless routing and secure device installation. EXOR is also working on Corvina Cloud 2.0 that shall manipulate, store, visualize data, and put it in the usable KPIs. “Delivering uptime and industrial performance, Corvina Cloud reduces the installation and maintenance costs today, and prepares organizations for the IIoT business models of tomorrow,” states Kamlowsky.

EXOR customizes solutions for customers depending on where the customers currently are on their journey. “If a customer wants to roll connectivity today, but focus on visualization of dashboards in the cloud tomorrow, EXOR is ready to support them along the way,” assures Kamlowsky. EXOR ensures that one company meets all the customers’ needs such as interface needs, remote connectivity needs, and more.

Apart from launching Corvina 2.0, EXOR is developing future software features with the cloud, some of which have been exhibited at global trade shows such as SPS. Another device, JSmart, set for launch, shall measure environmental data—temperature, humidity, vibrations, and alignment. EXOR is also planning to expand and manufacture products in the U.S. The amalgamation of the strengths of RnD and new products, backed by rich experience as a custom engineering company, truly sets EXOR apart.