Atollogy: Smart Manufacturing for All

Atollogy: Smart Manufacturing for All

Rob Schoenthaler, Founder & CEO, AtollogyRob Schoenthaler, Founder & CEO
The concept of smart manufacturing has become a reality. However, the majority of enterprises leveraging traditional tools and technologies are apprehensive about shifting to a smart manufacturing environment. Architecting a seamless transition into the smart manufacturing arena is California-based Atollogy. They offer a simple solution that enables their customers to move to smart manufacturing without changing their processes, and no need for any disruption to their production activities. Atollogy utilizes proprietary algorithms and IIoT capabilities to revolutionize how companies manage operations and achieve operational excellence.

In manufacturing today, many factories rely on skilled workers to operate high-end machines and improve the utilization of their equipment. Nevertheless, Rob Schoenthaler, CEO and founder of Atollogy has a different perspective, “The largest opportunities are not present in the machines themselves; they lie in the way people interact with machines.”

“Our advantage over alternative approaches is the ability to quickly provide analytics and insights of all the physical elements in a factory, not just machines, to help manufacturers improve their operations,” extols Schoenthaler. In the first step of their customer-centric journey, an Atollogist shares success stories highlighting how they have helped other customers solve similar operational problems. Subsequently, the firm rapidly analyzes the customer’s environment, understands their pain points and objectives, and recommends a focused evaluation proposal. “Unlike our competitors, we provide quick installation, without changing the existing processes or modifying any equipment,” states Schoenthaler.

The company takes a holistic view of the customer’s environment that includes order processing, control of raw materials and ingredients, production activities, assembly and packaging while driving efficiency, quality, agility, and faster response times. But, the journey starts with just a single step, and any area can be the starting point.

According to Schoenthaler, the key to increase productivity and operational efficiency is by ensuring people, machines, and materials work in harmony. Atollogy offers customers a complete turnkey package that comprises not just analytics, but internet access, all the connectivity, non-invasive sensors and strategically placed cameras to monitor the targeted manufacturing areas. “The only thing we need from the client is power,” quips Schoenthaler.

Atollogy’s IIoT solution collects data in real time. The ingested data is then transmitted to the cloud to feed the artificial intelligence pipeline. From the complete analysis of the data, the system generates instant actionable insights to help workers on the factory floor, supervisors and senior managers all make better decisions during their shifts to improve operational performance.

To exemplify their IIoT solutions, Schoenthaler cites a real-time scenario where the company assisted a particular client in improving their productivity. The client had a milling machine which was down for two full shifts and no one had realized until it was revealed in Atollogy’s dashboards. When the senior management inquired about the issue, they discovered that there was a bottleneck in quality control that was not obvious without continuous analytics. Additionally, by implementing Atollogy’s IIoT solutions, the client was able to translate the worker’s activities and equipment states into a real-time picture of activities on the factory floor – effectively a “digital twin” of the department, and not just the machines, but overall activities, tracking the utilization of the machine, the workers’ activities, and how much time each worker is spending on an activity provides valuable insights that help the managers to understand the areas for improvement, predict issues, and capture opportunities in the execution window.

Having created a robust platform that can analyze a broad array of manufacturing operations simply and quickly, Schoenthaler says, “Our ultimate aim is to provide customers with solutions that capture opportunities in every square foot of their factory, helping all manufacturers capitalize on the power of Smart Manufacturing.”