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Top 10 Industrial IoT Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

As the rapidly growing segment of IoT technology, industrial IoT solutions are gaining unrivaled importance across every sector—right from manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and power production, logistics, and transportation, to oil and gas and agriculture as well. Going by analytical reports, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is set to overhaul multiple sectors that account for approximately two-thirds of the global economic output, driving financial gains of 14.2 trillion dollars by 2030.

By combining effectively with big data analysis, IIoT solutions enable easy monitoring of performance indicators of health and safety to ensure better workplace conditions. Concurrently, when supply chains around the globe have been severely affected by the wrath of the pandemic, IIoT solutions have proven to be beneficial when it comes to reducing the risk of inventory management errors. Tracking of products and supplies will also be much easier, all while identifying slowdowns and inefficiencies. Besides, real-time supply chain information becomes readily available through the reliance on an IIoT solution.

Being conversant of the growing relevance of IIoT solutions in every sector and staying ahead of all the latest strides in the space, we present you a list of Top 10 Industrial IIoT Solution Providers and Consulting Companies. An eminent panel of CEOs, CIOs, and CXOs, along with the editorial board of manufacturing technology insights, has reviewed the top companies in the IIoT domain and shortlisted the firms at the forefront of reducing the complexity of various processes and boosting operational efficiency across manifold industries.

We present you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Industrial IoT Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Industrial IoT Consulting/Service Companies

  • HydraForce partners with customers' engineers to create customized hydraulic control solutions that enhance the performance, value, and durability of their mobile equipment. As the world's largest supplier of high performance hydraulic cartridge valves, electro-hydraulic valves, custom manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls, the company brings together more than 1,000 people who are focused on pushing the boundaries of the industry.It provides custom solutions for everything from tractors and harvesters to front loaders, fork lifts, snow plows,power train, marine and alternative energy applications

  • Insight Cyber Group, Inc

    Insight Cyber Group, Inc

    Insight Cyber Group provides a portfolio of services that deliver continuous, real-time cyber risk management and improved operational efficiencies of industrial IoT assets. Its services combine advanced visibility and expert analytics with proprietary automated tools. Insight Cyber supports the entire lifecycle of risk monitoring and incident response capabilities required by today’s industrial enterprises, filling crucial IoT cybersecurity gaps. Insight Cyber's expert service-based approach delivers immediate value to customer's organization. It combines superior production data and state-of-the-art analytics with expert human intelligence. Our positive outcomes include measurable cyber risk monitoring, proactive defense of IoT production environment, and improved operational process efficiencies

  • EffVision


    Effvision is a New York based company focused on delivering business solutions and applications. The company executes on its vision of efficiency while leveraging the best technology possible to help business move forward. Effvision cares about businesses and their growth path. It sees itself as a business partner rather than just another vendor on its customer list. EffVision is based on a vision of efficiency. The company puts clients at the heart of everything it does, caring about their business and the growth path they have planned for it

  • Fortech


    Fortech is a Romanian software services company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca that provides full-stack custom software development services, from business analysis, architecture and user experience design, to coding, quality assurance, and development operations, with focus on solutions for Automotive, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Healthcare, IoT and the Cloud. What sets Fortech apart is its focus on quality. Fortech’s approach to software engineering combines strong technology and process know-how, agile delivery methods, and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined over more than 16 years

  • GTL


    StarTech Networks Inc. [Formerly known as GTL (USA) Inc.], was incorporated in 2008 as a subsidiary of GTL International. It is North America’s leading wireless engineering services firm that serves leading wireless service providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), wireless infrastructure companies, and enterprise customers. The company helps its clients to make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. For more than 10 years, GTL has built a firm uniquely equipped to this task

  • OpteBiz


    OpteBiz integrates total automation and operational intelligence (OI) solutions, speeding delivery time and reducing operational costs, and provides real-time data analytics that create measurable results. The company cater has provided cost-effective solutions in diverse industries, including energy, manufacturing, and utilities. OpteBiz provides each clients individualized connectivity package that builds operational intelligence to make superior data-driven decisions MES that integrates automation and operational intelligence (OI)

  • Pacton Global

    Pacton Global

    Pacton Global was founded and is inbred with the philosophy “Know-how is indispensable”. The company's mission is to drive its clients to their success goals by thoroughly understanding their requirements, aligning those requirements to formulate strategies encompassing financial planning, and implementing the strategically designed and developed technologies to meet the end goals. Pacton Global understands that all the functions of business are multifaced and deeply intertwined and thus need holistic approach. Developing, deploying and maintaining are the key attributes of its project delivery

  • silitronics


    Silitronics has built a solid reputation for quality, craftsmanship and expertise in providing the most advanced and innovative packaging solutions. Silitronics is ideally located in Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA in a 10,000+ square feet facility with Clean Room 10K and 1K. Silitronics has Automated Assembly Equipment to be the fastest time-to-market for your prototype and volume production run. Silitronics team has expertise throughout the design and assembly process and gives attention to detail

  • Strategy of Things

    Strategy of Things

    Strategy of Things helps cities, communities and business enterprises become smarter, safer, more responsive and resilient. It is a Silicon Valley based innovation firm that brings science, breakthrough strategies and disruptive digital technologies to help government and business organizations solve complex problems in new ways. The passionate futurists, dreamers and innovators at Strategy of Things are on a mission to save lives, improve living standards, transform societies, and make a difference

  • ZIN Technologies

    ZIN Technologies

    ZIN Technologies collaborates with world's largest Mobile Network Operators (T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Soft Bank, ROGERS, Telefonica, list goes on) to integrate their subscription management APIs, GGSNs to RADIUS ( for AAA) and CDR interfaces for realtime alarms, analytics and customer billing systems development. ZIN Technologies is an end-to-end software development company with a team of professionals working effortlessly to create secure and scalable software solutions for the clients